Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My vancouver vacation is officially over...(insert tears here).
I just adore the West Coast and I especially adore my west coast familly! Thank you so much Meena and Raffi, I love you two so much! And also big love and thank you's to Dee and Dave, Clau, Mark, Lauch, and scooby, Auntie Val and fam, Elaine and Tony and of course the vancouver knit night posse! You guys all made my vacation the grrrreatest!

So I have some photo's to share...

Let me begin with me and my best friend, Meena.

I call this the thinking spot. It is somewhere on the sea wall near Granville Island. I love the sea wall that lines Vancouver city, I spent many a day walking it's length, soaking up the spring sun, and counting the little dingys that hung out on the edge of the ocean shore.

These are some thinking flowers. They are so bright and colourful, they sort of burned my winter bleached ontario eyes at first, but I adjusted quickly to all the blossoms and buds.


Ahhhh, off to Sunny Point Roberts Point Roberts, with Auntie Val, Raffi and Meena, oh and the pouches Patches and Sadie.

Point Roberts is terribly beautiful.

see what i mean.

it just kept getting better and better.

mmmmm...i took so many photo's here, it is absolutely ridiculous.

Ok, so now we are off to Seattle. This was my first trip to Seattle, and I have to say that Seattle is a fantastic city. I loved it from the moment the city came into view. We stayed in the Capital Hill area at a fantastic b&b on eleventh ave. There were so many fantastic little shops in Capital Hill, tons of used cd stores and great vintage clothing shops, plus a variety of interesting boutiques. I bought a fantastic handkerchief from Sukie folk handkerchiefs and a great vintage record "The soundtrack from Miami Vice" for Kye-bot. We also got to check out Schmancy and OKOK, two great Seattle toy stores, that rocked my world.

One of our first stops in the downtown core was Saphora, where we came face to face with Jessica Simpson's new line of edible makeups.

This is meen pretending to try some, i put some of the body mousse on my hand, it wasn't very moisturizing, and it smelled like scratch and sniff stickers. Neither of us wanted to eat it.

We then hit Pike street market. Wowsers! What a market! Here we found an amazing variety of tulips and a wind up drumming robotty for the kye-bot.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and mid way through friday, we decided to breack for a good ol'fashioned milk shake at Dick's drive through restaurant!
Yum Yum.

Meen and I also bumped into our friend Elaine, who was in town visiting a friend as well, and we all zipped out to do some more shopping in Fairmont...i was considering these giant shades...ahhhhh yiiieah.

and of course we took a break for some deeelicious chai tea.

That night meen and I went for some dinner at "Bimbos" a funky little restaurant in the Capital Hill area, where we ordered some deelicious Modelo beer (i am salavating as I type). We were having a great time until Meena spotted a giant spider on the wall near my head, and when i say giant, it was giant, like big humongo, a monster, I almost flew out of the restaurant. We tried to wait it out, as the spider slowy climbed higher towards the ceiling, but then it fell on the ground right beside the was then we decided to relocate to the bar. We had a great brave waiter though, who totally tried to rescue the spider and put him outside, except that the spider got away, to where I couldn't tell you and frankly I don't want to know. eeeik!!!

anyhoo here are some more best buddie shots on the steps of our b&b

ohhh sweet love.

Last but not least, the Vancouver Knit Night, that I got to attend, with all of these kick ass ladies. We went for dinner first at this great Brazillian restaurant near commercial drive, and spent a wine filled evening bursting out in laughter, popping cheese balls, and knitting cushion covers and winter scarves for a winter that is very far away.

well that doesn't even come close to summing up this trip, but I am done for tonight. My only regrett is that I did not make it out to see Lori and Mia's show, the day I was suppose to head out, it rained like MAD, (the only day of rain on my vacation), and on my way I got a really big soaker, and got stranded in a coffee shop...sadly I admitted defeat returned home to dry out my sneakers. Sorry ladies, I wish I could have stayed longer so I could have hit the art market (check out the news section)! Well I am off for some sleeps.
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