Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Month of Softies

so I gathered up my winter woven soul last night, which was still a little achy from a fever and flu thing I caught last week, got my act in gear, and made some time to take part in A Month Of Softies, Claire’s fantastic brain child.

This months theme is Vintage Kitty. So I set to work stitching up my interpretation of a vintage kitty. My thinking was to make, my kitty in the likeness of an old kitty I knew, who went a little blind and hairless in her later “vintage” years. What I ended up creating was some strange type of rodent, squirrel or mouse fusion of a softie, who I have named Bill. Well you win some and lose some.

month of softies, vintage kitty, that turned out much more like a vintage rodent, type squirrel or some sort or large mouse with tail...yikes!


two rabbits said...

vintage kitty is great! i love his strange looks!

Anonymous said...

Although he's odd-looking I still like him and I like the way you photographed him too!


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